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Fun and cool memories

Hi LJ family,

I'm here to see what's going on here in LJ land. I haven't been here in a while and I have missed it. LJ was my first home on the web and even though I have moved on to other homes, I have never forgotten and I want to come back more often.

So many fun and cool memories.

What have been up to?

  • Moved from the heights area of Houston to the South West corner and I am so glad :)

  • Sold my IT business - networking and computer Service

  • Took on a few jobs (Eldercare) (PR and Marketing) found out I was unemployable...

  • Opened a new webdesign business www.paintedpathdesigns.com

  • Married off my sweet daughter to my FANTASTIC new son-in-law

  • Became a director for Public Speakers Association

  • Started traveling all over the USA speaking and training on web technology and Internet marketing

  • Launched a new Podcast on iTunes WOO HOO www.toolstipsandtechnology.com


What have you been up to?

More to come :)

Bye for now

Marian LaSalle

Miss you Dad

Good Morning,

I am thinking fondly of my Father this morning.  I'm choosing to only remember the cool, soft, memories that made up my childhood and give me comfort when I need it.

I am a better person because of the love my father gave us, ALL 5 of us. 



Here it is the end of 2011 and I have some free time to reflect on what is working and what I need to change. I feel like a rough rock that has been tumbling around for a while. I need to take myself out of the tumbler and look myself over and make my plans for how I want to proceed.

Sounds like fun eh?


 Hi Friends,

Ever heard of Pickleball? www.pickleball.com

I play twice a week at Fonde Rec Center near downtown Houston. It's fun and great exercise. I learned recently that it's the fastest growing sport in the US. Almost every YMCA has it available and it's starting to grow in schools now too.  

I'm on my way to play today so if you're in Houston come on down and I'll loan you a racket :)



Rapture today.... Why today?

 I just found out that the rapture is today. I wonder why no one warned me so I could prepare?

Holiday weekend

It's labor Day weekend and I normally work on Saturday afternoons however,  I decided to play all day yesterday and work today.  When you work from home you can work anytime you want which is great but sometimes it means you work more than your peers. I realized this when a friend asked me to a party on Monday and my first thought was no, I can't because I have so much work to do I need to take the holiday (Monday) and get caught up.  I heard my thoughts and said to my thoughts...what's life for if you can't enjoy it so, I will work all day today and get caught up and take tomorrow off too :) Good for me.

I have 2 new clients that need their websites ASAP so off I go.

Have a wonderful holiday and please keep my partner Becky in your thoughts as she is in Dallas dealing with her brothers remains and all that goes along with the sudden, unexpected death of a family member.

Labor on Labor Day weekend.....

Gary passed away

My partners brother died on Saturday.  It was a complete shock.  We are all waiting for the autopsy report.  He was only 63 and no one knew of any problems other than some sleep apnea.  No time to prepare and everyone is stressed. No will, no directives, no preperations.

Lifes lesson? We should think about our family and have a plan in place.


Good news from Facebook (business)

Good news from face book.....

This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

Facebook has joined the likes of Yahoo and LinkedIn with the rollout of a new Q&A product called Facebook Questions. While the Q&A format is nothing new on the web, Facebook’s more than 500 million users add an interesting twist to the space, and potentially, create an opportunity for small businesses as the feature evolves.

Questions is still in beta, but if you have it enabled, you can see that Facebook wants to make it a major part of the site. “Ask Question” is now a feature of the Publisher, meaning Facebook places it on the same level as status updates, posting photos and sharing links. It’s also integrated on Facebook Pages, where a new “Questions” tab lets users ask questions directly on the Page that can be answered by Page admins or fans.

Much like LinkedIn Answers, where providing answers to questions that are relevant to your business can be a great way to connect with new people, Facebook Questions also has the makings of a killer networking and lead generation tool. Click on the “Questions” link that now appears in the left-hand navigation of Facebook and you’ll see questions relating to your interests as well as those asked by friends and friends of friends.

To give yourself the best shot at seeing relevant questions here, you’ll want to make sure you list interests in your personal profile that align with the business’s industry and core competencies. There are a few other ways to find questions too, including manually entering in a topic, or choosing from suggested topics or trending topics.

P.S. today is....

Today is my Mom and Dads birthday and wedding anniversary. I miss them!!!!

Love you Mom and Dad :)

Sunday night update


Doing really well. Feeling good and business is doing well too. 

Sold our house in the Heights and moved across town to the Westbury neighborhood. I LOVE it!  It's quiet and peaceful.

My baby girl just turned 26 and has given me two wonderful grandsons. My plan is to fly out to see them in September.

2 new website clients this week.

1. a sweet lady who wants to build a site around women who never had children
2. a sweet lady who wants to build a site around women who live overseas that need support.

1 new video client this week
a company that wants us to go out to each of their clients and shoot a testimonial video/plus they get a 1-2 minute video introduction for their company while we are there.
Ck out some of our work here

~Writing an SEO e-book due out by December.

~Launching a new internet marketing product soon, it will be an e-book and a workbook.

~JVing with a social media expert for a BRAND new product....so excited!!!!

~Playing Pickleball 2x a week now. (fun and really good eercise) www.pickleball.com

~Joined PWI Powerful Women International this last week.

~Started a weekly Networking group a few months ago and it's doing very well. ck us out here

~I'm the campain manager for a Global Book Launch coming out in September....whoa....scary eh? The book is AWESOME!!!

Ok that's enough for now.

I really miss you and wish I could spend more time here. I spent 7 years on LJ consistantly, almost daily,  and then life got busy and I  forget to come over and say hi.

Hope all is well in your world, please say hi if you have stumbled upon me.

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